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Structure Your Marketing Strategy Around Google Trends.

If you’re like most digital advertisers, you’ve probably never heard of Google Trends before. For some reason, this platform hasn’t gotten enough attention from small business owners and marketers. That is too bad for them because this platform is a great tool for gathering helpful information which can make it easier to set up an effective advertising campaign.

Google Trends is a new Google platform which tracks and stores statistical information of the top queries made on their search engine. These could be past or present search queries. This information can help any marketer plan their advertising campaign properly for the future. If you can make your campaign effective using this information, you will rank higher in Google because of the big trend around your niche or subject matter.

Let’s look at an example to help you understand better. During the last Super Bowl, Google Trends could have been utilised to discover which one of the two teams were trending the most in conversations and discussions on the internet. More importantly, the platform could tell users which football player was being talked about more in the news or anywhere else.

This is what happened with the last World Cup too. Marks and Spencer started a social media movement which led to the popular “Bring it Home” campaign; amid the World Cup publicity. Gareth Southgate was the poster child for that campaign. All this momentum and hype over the World Cup allowed Marks and Spencer to capitalise on it. Meanwhile, they still rooted for the England team.

As for Southgate, he gained attention in 2018 because he wore a waistcoat each time the England team had a match. When Marks and Spencer noticed the attention that he got over his waistcoat, they established a successful advertising campaign which trended on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. They manufactured 57 different styles of men?s waistcoats just to capitalise on the trend. As a result, their waistcoat sales had a 35% boost and there were more prospective buyers on the Marks and Spencer website searching for these coats. In the United Kingdom, they even declared July 7th as the “National Waistcoat Day” to entice people further.

Therefore, the next time you need to start a successful advertising campaign, try using the Google Trends tool to help set you on the right path.

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